“We’ve worked with Jenny on a variety of projects and she’s always insightful, enthusiastic and professional, the ideal person to have on your side. She’s not only an inspirational performer and workshop leader, she’s a talented mentor with a natural ability to bring the best out of anyone she works with. Very much recommended.”

Caitrin Armstrong, Head of Writing Communities, Scottish Book Trust

“Jenny has been amazing in supporting me and my teams on several projects. From funding applications to workshops and readings, Jenny has been invaluable."

Dr Russell Jones, writer, editor and board member of Shoreline of Infinity Group

“Jenny helped me overcome stage fright in the run up to a big event at which I was due to give a reading. A tailored one-to-one session, culminating in my taking part in an open mic night, gave me the confidence I needed on the day. I’ll be forever grateful!” - Helen Mackenzie, YA writer, Scottish Book Trust New Writers’ Award Winner, 2017

“There are few people in Scotland who know more about spoken word than Jenny Lindsay. Her tireless work in mentoring young poets, providing workshops for professional and creative development, booking and more importantly paying a true variety of acts, and generally being the person everyone turns to for advice has made her an irreplaceable and vital leader of the Scottish spoken word scene. I wouldn't be a full time poet and pursuing this career I love if Jenny hadn't gone first!" - Kevin McLean, Poet and Director of Loud Poets

“Jenny is one of the most knowledgable organisers in the country. I've tapped into her vast experience on so many occasions and her advice has steered me away from disaster more than once. In terms of understanding the intricacies of actually making live literature happen, Jenny is peerless in Scotland.” - Kevin Gilday, Poet and Co-Producer of Sonnet Youth


“This masterclass gave me new ways to look at/ think about poetry and Jenny is a mine of useful information! All poets should spend some time learning from Jenny and have things they could learn from her.”

“So super useful! I already had a really firm idea about my show coming in, but even though I had a lot figured out I still felt this class gave me the confidence and perspective and a renewed energy to progress with my work.”

“A great mix of things I wanted to know and things I didn’t realise I needed to know!”

“Massively useful. I got the kick up the arse I needed. The range of info taught was fantastic, from writing, overall planning, performance and marketing. Also, going into the importance of privacy versus personal and universal themes/ stories was so good. Thank you for telling poets to look after themselves!!”


“This was literally life-changing. I am leaving this weekend with a fully achievable plan that fits around the realities of my home-life, knowing the importance of self-care, and also how to navigate the scene in a way that works for me. THANK YOU.”

”So useful to pitch my ideas to the group and get feedback. We work on our own so much. A great weekend!”

“I’ve always been a bit put off by the world of funding but now I feel I understand how that works. I’ve also realised not to be in so much of a rush and the importance of planning before you rush in and set something up before you are ready.”

“A generous, insightful weekend from someone who knows their stuff. Huge thanks! This masterclass was worth three times the cost.”